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Staying ahead of time


Today, your life is mysteriously driven by this superficial master called Time. Time is the very element your life is made up of. Time is money. It is the difference between success and failure. Life and death. Night and day. Tomorrow and today. And much more.

You can’t win the time but you can surely make the most of it with our feature-packed premium clocks. Delta has been providing the tools to stay ahead in this time-conscious world since 1993. Delta was founded by Mr.Mahendra Shah supported by his two sons, Mr.Rajiv Shah and Mr.Samir Shah.

Today, we are one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter from India, producing elegant, enigmatic and economical quartz wall clocks and timepieces with enormous annual production capacity of more than 2 million pieces that boast up-to-the-minute technology. We specialize in clocks that beautify the interiors of your home or office. Clocks that appeal to the eye, inspire the soul and alert the mind.

What’s more, our time-tested clocks are not only eye-catching but are also engineered to perfection. We use only genuine parts and most modern machineries which are imported directly from Taiwan to guarantee you accurate timing. We make sure that our clocks tick endlessly by implementing strict quality controls.

Come, explore our top-of-the-line collections of premium wall clocks, table clocks, alarm clocks, digital clocks, novelty clocks, antique clocks, innovative plastic clocks, real wood pendulum clocks, day/date plastic clocks, combination of wood and glass clocks, sensational glass clocks, artistic wood and glass clocks and what you have.

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